Hustle for the Muscle

Athletic Development Clinics

Dynamic Physical Training has teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Cumberland/Lincoln to provide strength and conditioning and athletic development training to youth athletes in all sports.  


This course will provide quality experienced instruction to our youth athletic participants with emphasis on form correction and injury prevention, while maintaining current precautions for the growing adolescent body frames.  

The intent of this course is to better prepare our athletes for game time situations, reduce injuries, and develop all aspects of movement with correct form, enhanced quality of movement, and overall improved athletic performance.  

Each week participants will be guided through various activities while being educated regarding the importance of attention to fitness with good form with instruction for warm up and cool down techniques.

Course Components:

  •  Legs, Arms, and Core Strengthening with   bodyweight, bands, and balls

  •  Dynamic Balance and stability, Rotary   Resistance, Push/Pull

  •  Power Development, Explosive Movement

  •  Hand-Eye Coordination

  •  Change of direction, Speed and Agility,   Footwork

  •  Vertical Leap, Acceleration/Deceleration   Control

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